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This paper describes a biomechanical study of axonal injury due to a blunt impact to the head. The aim of the experimental model was to produce axonal injury analogous to that seen in human trauma while measuring the dynamics of the impact and the subsequent kinematics of the head. These measurements were made in a way to facilitate the simulation of these(More)
Non-accidental head injury (NAHI), also termed the "shaken baby syndrome", is a major cause of death and severe neurological dysfunction in children under three years of age, but it is debated whether shaking alone is sufficient to produce brain injury and mortality or whether an additional head impact is required. In an attempt to resolve this question, we(More)
Applications such as digital cell phones, 3G wireless receivers, and voice over IP, require DSP functions that are typically mapped onto general purpose DSP processors. With the introduction of advanced FPGA architectures which provide built-in DSP support such as the Xilinx Virtex-II, and the Altera Stratix, a new hardware alternative is available for DSP(More)
This paper presents the head kinematics of a novel ovine model of non-accidental head injury (NAHI) that consists only of a naturalistic oscillating insult. Nine, 7-to-10-day-old anesthetized and ventilated lambs were subjected to manual shaking. Two six-axis motion sensors tracked the position of the head and torso, and a triaxial accelerometer measured(More)
Motor vehicle airbag technology is directed at the reduction of injury to drivers and passengers however a number of researchers have reported cases of injuries caused by airbags. Injuries to tooth surfaces, particularly tooth wear following the deployment of motor vehicle airbags, have never been studied. A review of the literature and clinical experience(More)
Radiation hydrodynamics plays an important role in many physical systems, including for inertial confinement fusion experiments. In these systems, the amount of energy transported by thermal photons can become significant to the internal or kinetic energy of the material. This talk gives and overview of our recent research in Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian(More)