R. Ananth Krishna

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Model class A amphipathic helical peptides mimic several properties of apolipoprotein A-I (apoA-I), the major protein component of high density lipoproteins. Previously, we reported the NMR structures of Ac-18A-NH(2) (renamed as 2F because of two phenylalanines), the base-line model class A amphipathic helical peptide in the presence of lipid ( Mishra, V.(More)
General-purpose image filters lack the flexibility and adaptability of un-modeled noise types. On the contrary, evolutionary algorithm based filter architectures seem to be very promising due to their capability of providing solutions to hard design problems. Through this novel approach, it is made possible to have an image filter that can employ a(More)
A 20-year-old man developed a giant pseudoaneurysm of the innominate artery 5 months after blunt chest trauma, causing severe respiratory distress and superior vena cava compression symptoms. The patient was managed with hypothermia and low flow cardiopulmonary bypass resulting in a successful outcome.
Genetic Algorithms are the population based search and optimization technique that mimic the process of natural evolution. Genetic algorithms are very effective way of finding a very effective way of quickly finding a reasonable solution to a complex problem. Performance of genetic algorithms mainly depends on type of genetic operators which involve(More)
— This paper is an original philosophy of analyzing the importance of fuzzy logic based intelligent concepts in the design of the temperature process controller for an injection mould machine. An injection mould machine is a basic requirement of every plastic, rubber etc.., process industries to mould the items to the desired shapes by the application of(More)
The design of an ultra low voltage, low power high speed 8 channel Analog multiplexer in 180nm CMOS technology is presented. A modified transmission gate using a dynamic threshold voltage MOSFET (DTMOS) is employed in the design. The design is optimized with respect to critical requirements like short switching time, low power dissipation, good linearity(More)
This paper presents the energy efficient approaches and the importance of Altruistic approach in the absence of nearest neighboring nodes to the receiver. Two energy-efficient approaches have been proposed one is in-situ energy efficient approach, and the other is altruistic energy efficient approach. In the first approach existing nodes in network are only(More)
TA mobile ad-hoc network has certain characteristics such as dynamic topology, limited bandwidth, and energy-constraint etc, which imposes new demand on the routing protocols. This work specially aims to study and investigate the performance of one proactive routing protocol-DSDV and two reactive protocols-AODV and DSR for mobile ad-hoc networks under both(More)
Digital image processing is an ever expanding and dynamic area with applications reaching out into everyday life such as medicine, space exploration, surveillance, authentication, automated industry inspection and many more areas. Applications such as these involve different processes like image enhancement and object detection. Implementing such(More)