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The local heat delivered by metallic nanoparticles selectively attached to their target can be used as a molecular surgery to safely remove toxic and clogging aggregates. We apply this principle to protein aggregates, in particular to the amyloid beta protein (Abeta) involved in Alzheimer's disease (AD), a neurodegenerative disease where unnaturally folded(More)
The electrochemical synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles of new Sr-Fe and Sr-Co-Fe oxides using an undivided cell with two Fe electrodes is reported in this work. These materials are collected as precipitates by electrolyzing acidic solutions containing mixtures of chlorides and nitrates of Sr2+, Fe3+ and, optionally, Co2+ at temperatures between 40 degrees(More)
We report experimental studies of crystals of Mn12 molecular magnetic clusters in pulsed magnetic fields with sweep rates up to 43103 T/s. The steps in the magnetization curve are observed at fields that are shifted with respect to the resonant field values. The shift systematically increases as the rate of the field sweep goes up. These data are consistent(More)
High-Sensitivity Electron Paramagnetic Resonance experiments have been carried out in fresh and stressed Mn12-Acetate single crystals for frequencies ranging from 40 GHz up to 110 GHz. The high number of crystal dislocations formed in the stressing process introduces a E(S2 x−S 2 y) transverse anisotropy term in the spin hamiltonian. From the behaviour of(More)
R. Amigó, E. del Barco, Ll. Casas, E. Molins, J. Tejada, I. B. Rutel, B. Mommouton, N. Dalal, and J. Brooks Departamento de Fı́sica Fundamental, Universitad de Barcelona, Diagonal 647, Barcelona, 08028, Spain Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Barcelona (CSIC), 08193 Cerdanyola, Spain NHMFL/FSU, CM/T group, 1800 E.P. Dirac Drive, Tallahassee, Florida(More)
In control of distributed parameter systems the piezoelectric actuators are of common use. The topology optimization of a multiphysic model in piezoelectricity is considered. The topological derivative of a tracking-type shape functional is derived in its closed form for the purpose of shape optimization of piezoelectric actuators. The optimum design(More)
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