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Detachment of the accessory fragment in "patella partita".
The authors report six cases of detachment of the accessory fragment in "patella partita". This lesion is often unrecognised, especially among athletes. It gives rise to painful symptoms that are atExpand
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Histopathological Characterization of a Novel Monoclonal Antibody, MLuC1, Reacting with Lung Carcinomas
A monoclonal antibody (MoAb), MLuC1, derived from the fusion of P3 - X63 - Ag 8 - U1 mouse myeloma cells with spleen cells from an HR mouse immunized with the carcinoma cell line SW626, was studiedExpand
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Monoclonal antibodies against doxorubicin
Hybridomas which secrete monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) reacting with doxorubicin (DXR), a widely used anthracycline cytotoxic antibiotic, have been obtained by fusing NSO/P3 mouse myeloma cells withExpand
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