R. Allen

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A central therapeutic goal in many applications of modern Biomedicine is the reconstruction of the diseased arterial sections via robust and viable tissue equivalents. In-host remodelling is an emerging technology that exploits the remodelling ability of the host to regenerate tissue. We develop a general theoretical framework of growth and remodeling of(More)
  • T. Kyrychenko, G. Dubynska, T. Koval, I. Kaidashev, V. Korshenko, K. Rono +494 others
  • 2012
Background: Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are transmembrane receptors that activate cells of the innate immune systems upon recognition of pathogen-associated molecular patterns. The TLR4 is an essential component of the innate immune response to various microorganisms. We investigated the impact of TLR4 polymorphism on development of opportunistic diseases in(More)
This work describes a model able to synthetize the surface EMG (electromyography) signal acquired from tibialis anterior and gastrocnemious medialis muscles during walking of asymptomatic adult subjects. The model assumes a muscle structure where the volume conductor is represented by multiple layers of anisotropic media. This model originates from analysis(More)
An efficient method for analog simulation of printed circuit board systems is proposed. It is based on the transmission line model derived from the analysis of the electromagnetic field in a two-dimensional cross-section of devices. Simulation results for two circuits with IC package, cable and connector models are presented. The results confirm the(More)
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