R. Allan

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SUMMARY WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlets) is a promising web services specification used to standardise presentation-based access to remote web portal content. In combination with the JSR 168 standard, portlet developers are freed of doing the hard work in publishing their portlets to remote portal – ideally it is the duty of portal framework to(More)
BACKGROUND Knee Osteoarthritis (KOA) is a heterogeneous pathology characterized by a complex and multifactorial nature. It has been hypothesised that these differences are due to the existence of underlying phenotypes representing different mechanisms of the disease. METHODS The aim of this study is to identify the current evidence for the existence of(More)
We tested the hypothesis that both post-exercise and passive cold water immersion (CWI) increases PGC-1α and VEGF mRNA expression in human skeletal muscle. Study 1 Nine males completed an intermittent running protocol (8 × 3-min bouts at 90 % $$\dot{V}{\text{O}}_{2} \hbox{max}$$ V ˙ O 2 max , interspersed with 3-min active recovery (1.5-min at 25 % and(More)
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