R. Alexander Creighton

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BACKGROUND Biomechanical analysis of stop-jump tasks has demonstrated gender differences during landing and a potential increase in risk of noncontact anterior cruciate ligament injury for female athletes. Analysis of landing preparation could advance our understanding of neuromuscular control in movement patterns and be applied to the development of(More)
BACKGROUND Collegiate baseball pitchers, as well as position players, exhibit increased humeral retrotorsion compared with individuals with no history of overhead sport participation. Whether the humeral retrotorsion plays a role in the development of throwing-related injuries that are prevalent in collegiate baseball pitchers is unknown. HYPOTHESES(More)
BACKGROUND Patients have high reinjury rates after ACL reconstruction. Small knee flexion angles and large peak posterior ground reaction forces in landing tasks increase ACL loading. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES We determined the effects of a knee extension constraint brace on knee flexion angle, peak posterior ground reaction force, and movement speed in(More)
The valgus forces generated by throwing athletes can cause injuries and permanently damage the medial elbow structures. Clinicians must have a clear understanding of the ulnar collateral ligament complex and the associated medial elbow structures at risk in these athletes. Taking a detailed history, conducting a physical examination, and obtaining imaging(More)
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