R. Alemany

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A novel demodulation technique which is transparent to radio-frequency (RF) carrier frequency is presented and experimentally demonstrated for multigigabit wireless signals. The presented demodulation technique employs optical single-sideband filtering, coherent detection, and baseband digital signal processing. Multigigabit wireless signal demodulation of(More)
This paper investigates experimentally the suitability of low-cost vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL) for radio-over-fibre transmission of UMTS signals. Three directly-modulated VCSEL configurations are investigated: Multi-mode VCSELs operating at 850 nm and 1300 nm respectively in multi-mode fibres (MMF), and single-mode VCSELs operating at(More)
Silicon nitride photonics is on the rise owing to the broadband nature of the material, allowing applications of biophotonics, tele/datacom, optical signal processing and sensing, from visible, through near to mid-infrared wavelengths. In this paper, a review of the state of the art of silicon nitride strip waveguide platforms is provided, alongside the(More)
Six bottom-trawl cruises, undertaken in spring 1994 to 1999 along the Spanish Mediterranean coastline, sampled pandalid shrimps from 30 to 800 m depth. Data analysis yielded a description of the distribution patterns of the 4 most common species (Plesionika heterocarpus, P. martia, P. gigliolii, P. edwardsi) over an area of 45 331 km2. We analysed abundance(More)
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