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Lead-substituted bovine carbonic anhydrase is investigated and the return to the holoenzyme form with exchange of Pb2+ by Zn2+ is followed by uv difference spectroscopy and by esterase activity methods. Equimolar amounts of Pb2+ added to apocarbonic anhydrase release one hydronium ion per molecule below pH 6. Above this pH there is a net gain of hydronium(More)
Using UV absorption spectroscopy, first derivative spectroscopy, and UV difference spectroscopy, the active site of human superoxide dismutase is probed. First derivative spectra (dA/d lambda versus lambda) show the HESOD spectrum to be a composite of Phe and Trp absorbance. The 278 and 288 nm Trp absorbance peaks are sensitive to solvent polarity. A 5-10%(More)
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