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OBJECTIVE To compare the benefits of initiating treatment with methotrexate (MTX) and infliximab (anti-tumor necrosis factor alpha [anti-TNFalpha] monoclonal antibody) with those of MTX treatment alone in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) of < or =3 years' duration. METHODS RA patients were eligible if they had active disease and no prior treatment(More)
Arthroscopic shoulder surgery can be performed under regional or general anesthesia. The objective of this study was to demonstrate that regional anesthesia has several benefits over general anesthesia for this type of surgery, particularly in the ambulatory patient. Forty patients received general anesthesia and 63 an interscalene block. The regional block(More)
AIM To determine several properties including torsional and fatigue limits, as well as torque during canal preparation, of Hyflex, a rotary instrument manufactured from so-called controlled memory nickel-titanium alloy. METHODOLOGY The instruments were tested in vitro using a special torque bench that permits both stationary torque tests according to(More)
Three autopsy cases with discrete metastatic involvement of one or several extraocular orbital muscles by disseminated amelanotic melanoma (one case) and lobular mammary adenocarcinoma (two cases) associated with extensive meningeal involvement are reported. Clinical ocular symptoms including pain, exophthalamus, and diplopia occurred 6 months to almost 5(More)
Seven autopsy cases of intramedullary metastases, four in the cervical spinal cord, are reported and the literature reviewed. Whereas lung and breast cancer, malignant melanomas and lymphomas are reported as the most common primary tumors, the present series included three cases of breast carcinoma and two cases each of colon and oat cell carcinoma of the(More)
A report on a 15-year-old male with a diagnosis of poliomyelitis-like syndrome (Hopkins' syndrome) following an asthmatic attack is presented. The prognosis of Hopkins' syndrome is usually poor and the patients remain with permanent paralysis of the affected limb. The outcome correlates with severity of the initial injury to the anterior horn cell as(More)
Flexible graphene polyimide nanocomposites (0.1-4 wt %) with superior mechanical properties over those of neat polyimide resin have been prepared by solution blending. Imide moieties were grafted to amine-functionalized graphene using a step-by-step condensation and thermal imidization method. The imide-functionalized graphene exhibited excellent(More)
Fluorinated polymers in emulsion find enormous applications in hydrophobic surface coating. Currently, lots of efforts are being made to develop specialty polymer emulsions which are free from surfactants. This investigation reports the preparation of a fluorinated copolymer via Pickering miniemulsion polymerization. In this case,(More)
Textured surfaces consisting of nanometer- to micrometer-sized lightly sulfonated polystyrene ionomer (SPS) particles were prepared by rapid evaporation of the solvent from a dilute polymer solution-cast onto silica. The particle textured ionomer surfaces were prepared by either spin-coating or solution-casting ionomer solutions at controlled evaporation(More)