R. A. Valentin

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Comfn&r simulation is recognized as a critic@ technolopy, playing a major role in many area.9 of national interest, such as increasing the efficiency and safety of nuclear reactors, improving the efficiency of car engines or predicting weather patterns and global climate changes. In recent years, rapid changes in computing technology have inrreased the(More)
Doppler ultrasound was used to study ophthalmic and middle cerebral artery flow velocities at different ambient lighting conditions in 28 preterm infants in the first week of life. We found significant increases of ophthalmic and middle cerebral artery blood flow velocities when ambient light was increased from moderate to intense. Flow velocities in the(More)
CHAD (Computational Hydrodynamics for Advanced Design) is a computer program that has been developed to analyze ows in automotive and defense applications. Extensive performance analysis of the CHAD computer program indicated a need to address cache memory use to increase computational performance. Several strategies have been adopted to achieve this goal:(More)
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