R. A. Smith

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During the past few years, enterprises have been increasingly aggressive in moving mission-critical and performance-sensitive applications to the cloud, while at the same time many new mobile, social, and analytics applications are directly developed and operated on cloud computing platforms. These two movements are encouraging the shift of the value(More)
The goal of augmented reality is to insert virtual objects into real video sequences. This paper shows that by incorporating image-based geometric constraints over multiple views, we improve on traditional techniques which use purely 3D information. The constraints imposed are chosen to directly target perceptual cues, important to the human visual system,(More)
Integrative, objectlike displays have been advocated for presenting multidimensional system data. In this research two experiments assess the effect of uncertainty on the processing of integral and separable displays. In each experiment 30 subjects were trained to classify instances of system state into one of four state categories using a configural(More)
Review Distributed real-time systems (DRTSs) are used in a wide range of applications, including command and control systems, flight control systems, robotics, patient monitoring systems, and many others. This volume provides an overview of various systematic approaches to the testing and debugging of DRTSs—tasks that typically consume 50% to 70% of a new(More)
Introduction Membrane separation processes may be based solely on steric solute–membrane interactions or exploit charge–charge interactions to optimize the membrane characteristics. The zeta potential of a surface in contact with a solution is a measure of charge-based interactions at the solid–liquid interface. As such, knowing the zeta potential for the(More)
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