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We compared the interrater reliability of the Cybex Electronic Digital Inclinometer-320a (EDI) and the fluid goniometer for measuring lumbar spine range of motion (ROM) in flexion, extension, and prone extension in adults not experiencing back pain and low-back pain patients. We also investigated whether prior palpation training improves reliability of(More)
Coniferaldehyde and NADPH when incubated with microsomes isolated from developing xylem of Pinus strobus yielded coniferyl alcohol and dihydroconiferyl alcohol in vitro. D-(+)-Pinitol was also found to be a microsomal constituent. Endogenous E-coniferyl alcohol content, quantified in dormant buds, cambium, bark and needles of Pinus resinosa and P. strobus(More)
UDPG: coniferyl alcohol glucosyltransferase (CAGT; EC isolated from cambial tissues of Pinus strobus was able to convert cinnamyl aldehydes as well as dihydroconiferyl alcohol into their corresponding 4-O-beta-D-glucosides in vitro. Cinnamyl aldehydes were glucosylated with comparable efficiency to coniferyl alcohol, the physiological substrate(More)
Proteolytic activity in the cambial zone and developing xylem of Pinus banksiana Lamb. was investigated over an annual cycle of growth and dormancy. Highest proteolytic activity was associated with the most active period of primary-wall radial expansion of cambial derivatives, in early spring, before protoplasmic autolysis was initiated in developing(More)
Two cytosolic, acidic (pI 3.8) glycoproteins (M(r) 110,000 and 90,000) from lignifying xylem of Pinus banksiana were electrophoretically isolated and confirmed by combined gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to be capable of hydrolysing E-coniferin to trans-coniferyl alcohol. These isoenzymes yielded identical N-terminal sequences having negligible(More)
Gradient gel electrophoretic methods enabled a distinction to be made between coniferyl alcohol oxidase (CAO) of lignifying cell walls and a pI approximately 9 pine "laccase" recently implicated in lignification (Science 1993 260, 672). Following treatment of a partially purified protein mixture from developing xylem of Pinus strobus with(More)
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