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A mathematical model using an iterative algorithm based on the Widmark formula is used to simulate a continuous spectrum of the expected blood alcohol concentration from start of alcohol dosage to time of specific event in numerical and graphic form. Absorption is based on flexible first order rates with provision for an optional good-fit model of the(More)
The effect of dietary supplementation of vitamin E on serum cholsterol, triglycerides, lipoproteins and lipoprotein composition was studied in rabbits fed a one per cent cholesterol diet for a period of twelve weeks. Vitamin E supplemented animals were found to maintain significantly lower concentrations of serum cholesterol, triglycerides and very low(More)
We have developed a quick, reliable method for compositional analysis of the C14 to C20 fatty acids of cholesteryl esters, based on the use of a double extraction-solvent system and whisker-walled capillary columns with a new polar phase. Fatty acids of phosphatidylcholine, after separation by thin-layer chromatography, were determined on the same column.(More)
1. A semi-automated procedure for the determination of triglycerides based on the manual procedure of Fletcher and the semi-automated procedure of Kessler and Lederer has been developed. 2. Reaction conditions and flow-rates have been optimized to result in a trouble-free procedure which produces 99+ per cent recovery on added recovery tests, and a standard(More)
1. Serum IgM determinations and blast cell counts were performed at regular frequent intervals in a case of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in a child. 2. An inverse relationship tended to exist between the concentration of IgM in serum and blast cells in blood during the course of relapses and remissions. 3. High dosage immunosuppressive chemotherapy caused a(More)