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OBJECTIVES Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) analysis of maternal blood for detection of trisomies 21, 18 and 13 is superior to other methods of screening but is expensive. One strategy to maximize performance at reduced cost is to offer cfDNA testing contingent on the results of the first-trimester combined test that is used currently. The objectives of this study(More)
Fifty healthy Mexican women from 21 to 70 years of age volunteered to undergo radial bone densitometry. The bone density in ten women per decade was assessed at two sites in the radius of the nondominant forearm; one site was the distal radius at 5 mm of separation from the ulna and the other at one-third of the distal radius. Calcium, inorganic phosphates(More)
Our group initiated a program of coronary angioplasty (CA) in patients with symptomatic one vessel disease, or multivascular lesions with a critical "culprit" stenosis. In a 16 month period we have performed CA of 28 lesions in 25 patients (20 men) with a mean age of 54 +/- 10 years. Stable angina was diagnosed in 14 patients, unstable angina in 7, and(More)
We report a patient who suffered an accidental complete amputation of the right forearm followed by a successful replantation and comment on the indications and management of macro-replantations of the upper limbs. This is the first time that a successful surgical procedure of this nature has been performed in Bolivia, with no post-operative complications(More)