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In inverted subcellular vesicles of Escherichia coli grown at high delta mu H+ (neutral pH, no protonophorous uncoupler), ATP-driven Na+ transport and oxidative phosphorylation are completely inhibited by the protonophore CCCP. If E. coli was grown at low delta mu H+, i.e. at high pH or in the presence of uncoupler, some oxidative phosphorylation was(More)
An attempt has been made to find out which of the two terminal oxidases, the d-type or the o-type, operates as a Na+ pump in Escherichia coli grown at low delta mu H+ conditions. For this purpose, mutants lacking either d or o oxidase have been studied. It is shown that a d-,o+ mutant grows slowly or does not grow at all under low delta mu H+ conditions(More)
The motility of Escherichia coli and of alkalo- and halotolerant Bacillus FTU has been studied. It is found that Bac. FTU motility (i) requires Na+, (ii) is resistant to the protonophorous uncoupler pentachlorophenol (PCP) if cells grow at high pH, and is sensitive to the uncouplers at neutral pH, (iii) is sensitized to the uncouplers with the addition of(More)
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