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This study evaluated peripheral blood lymphocyte and lymph node lymphocyte natural killer (NK) cell activity in 22 patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and eight patients undergoing surgery for nonmalignant conditions who served as controls. A novel mixed-model analysis of variance was used to analyze the results because of the inherent(More)
We describe here a soluble substance released by nonadherent cells from the peritoneal cavity of W/Fu rats that markedly inhibits the activity of mouse, rat, and human natural killer (NK) cells. The NK-inhibiting substance (NK-IS) has low molecular weight (less than 1000), is heat resistant (100 degrees for 15 min), and is insensitive to nonspecific(More)
Treatment of the paralyzed face remains a challenging surgical problem. When facial nerve damage is irreparable or facial nerve grafting has failed, static and dynamic techniques must be considered. A two-staged modification of the dynamic muscle transfer using ipsilateral temporalis muscle is described. Initially, a free temporalis fascia graft, harvested(More)
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