R. A. Mehrem

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Objectives: Grid Enabled Medical Simulation Services (GEMSS) aims to provide a health-computing Grid platform suited to the provision of accessible computeintensive health applications. The viability and performance of the Grid resource is to be tested using a series of six applications, intended to highlight strengths and weaknesses of the Grid(More)
Stereotactic Gamma Knife radiosurgery utilizes ionizing beams from (60)Co sources and relies on a combination of collimator sizes, weighting, etc to generate a high-dose region that is conformal with a designated target volume. Dose computation is typically performed by computer, but in this paper, single collimator dose profile behaviour is modelled(More)
GEMSS (Grid Enabled Medical Simulation Services IST-2001-37153) is an EU project funded to provide a test bed for Grid-enabled health applications. Its purpose is evaluation of Grid computing in the health sector. The health context imposes particular constraints on Grid infrastructure design, and it is this that has driven the feature set of the(More)
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