R. A. Martinez-Celorio

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We compare the radiative transfer equation for media with constant refractive index with the radiative transfer equation for media with spatially varying refractive indices [J. Opt. A Pure App. Opt. 1, L1 (1999)] and obtain approximate conditions under which the former equation is accurate for modeling light propagation in scattering media with spatially(More)
The introduction of new techniques for endodontic procedures requires the analysis of the biomechanical behavior of dental structures. Digital speckle shearing pattern interferometry (DSSPI) is a nondestructive optical measuring technique that allows one to directly quantify deformations in teeth that are subjected to stress. DSSPI technique was applied to(More)
We report a method for the temporal synchronization of two photoelastic light modulators. For synchronizing, we used the transistor-transistor logic output signals from each modulator, which contain the information on the light polarization. These signals were introduced in a phase-detector circuit, which provided the phase difference value between both(More)
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