R. A. M. Vieira

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We estimated general and specific combining abilities and examined resistance to northern leaf blight (Exserohilum turcicum) and to gray leaf spot (Cercospora zeae-maydis) in a set of nine inbred popcorn lines. These inbreds were crossed in a complete diallel scheme without reciprocals, which produced 36 F(1) hybrids. Two experiments with a square lattice(More)
Models used to predict digestibility and fill of the dietary insoluble fibre (NDF) treat the ruminoreticular particulate mass as a single pool. The underlying assumption is that escape of particles follows first-order kinetics. In this paper, we proposed and evaluated a model of two ruminoreticular sequential NDF pools. The first pool is formed by buoyant(More)
Parameters related to the microbial digestion of nutrients in the ruminoreticulum have been estimated by fitting mathematical models to degradation profiles generated from kinetic studies. In the present paper, we propose a generalized compartmental model of digestion (GCMD) based on implicit theoretical concepts and the gamma probability density function(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate four mathematical models with regards to their fit to lactation curves of Holstein cows from herds raised in the southwestern region of the state of Parana, Brazil. Initially, 42,281 milk production records from 2005 to 2011 were obtained from "Associação Paranaense de Criadores de Bovinos da Raça Holandesa(More)
One of the major difficulties faced by popcorn breeders is the negative correlation between popping expansion (PE) and grain yield (GY). It is necessary to overcome this difficulty to obtain promising genotypes. One helpful tool in this process is a selection index because it allows multiple features of interest to be selected. Thus, the present study(More)
The present study describes the chemical synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of a new series of eleven compounds stereoisomers of imidobenzenesulfonylaziridines in the forced-swimming test (FST) in mice. The pharmacological results of these compounds show that six of them, given intraperitoneally, reduced the immobility time of mice evaluated in the(More)
The objectives of this study were to evaluate ruminal fiber stratification and to develop a mathematical approach for predicting the mean retention time (MRT) of forage and concentrates in goats. A dataset from 3 studies was used that contained information regarding fiber and lignin intake as well as ruminal content and the kinetics of fiber passage for(More)