R. A. Khamitov

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Genetic constructs were designed in order to optimize darbepoetin production in CHO cells. They are characterized by a higher level of structural optimization of the darbepoetin gene, a higher gene dose, and the selection of promoter elements that have never been used before for this purpose. A transient transfection of CHO cells by the obtained constructs(More)
The antiviral effectiveness of the combined and single use of superlow-dose amixine and virasole on the course of experimental hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome was studied in sucking albino mice parenterally infected with their virus Hantaan. The co-administration of virasole and amixine was shown to protect 52% of the infected animals from death,(More)
The evaluation of the biological and epidemiological properties of Ebola, Marburg, Lassa, and Machupo viruses suggests that they are of social importance for health care authorities. The studies have created prerequisites to the development of reliable biosafety means against these pathogens. Particular emphasis is laid on the methods for infection(More)
The efficacy of the antiviral agents nucleoside analogues manufactured in Russia and foreign countries against Bolivian hemorrhagic fever in the treatment and rapid prevention regimens was studied in guinea pigs. In rapid prevention and treatment of guinea pigs, the intraperitoneal injection of 1/10 of the equivalent dose of vero-ribavirin for this animal(More)
A relationship between ribamydil concentration and the intensity of accumulation of peroxidation products was found while storing ribamydil-containing liposomes which indicated a significant pro-oxidant activity of ribamydil. Increasing lethality of guinea pigs and white mice infected with Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus was shown while using(More)
Experimental research was undertaken to investigate the use of amixin in prevention, emergency prevention schemes and treatment of mice infected with West Nile fever (WNF) agent, strain Eg-101; the results are indicative of the drug efficiency both in its peroral and subcutaneous administrations. Amixin was shown to be most effective in the former case when(More)
The experimental studies conducted on 2-week suckling mice infected with Hantaan virus, Strain 76-118) treated with oral and subcutaneous amoxine showed its prophylactic, therapeutical-and-prophylactic, and therapeutical efficiencies. Oral amoxine exhibited the highest efficiency when used in a dose of 10 mg/kg-1 96 hours before infection and throughout the(More)
Hybridomas producing monoclonal antibodies (MAb) to Marburg virus glycoprotein were prepared by splicing of mouse myeloma cells (NSO and X.63-Ag6.653 strains) and splenocytes of immunized BALB/c mice. Cultural and MAb-producing properties of hybridomas were studied. The production of MAb during serial passages 15-30 was confirmed. MAb titers in culture(More)