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This paper presents a method to solve the correspondence problem in matching the stereo image using Sum of Absolute Differences (SAD) algorithm. The computer vision application in this paper is using an autonomous vehicle which has a stereo pair on top of it. The estimation of range is using curve fitting tool (cftool) for each detected object or obstacles.(More)
This paper presents an obstacle detection and avoidance of mobile robot using stereo camera for indoor environment. Block matching algorithm is solved the correspondence problem occurred in comparing stereo images (left and right sensors of the camera). The algorithm uses Sum of Absolute Differences (SAD). Left image works as a reference block to the right(More)
This paper presents a visualization of image distortion on camera calibration for stereo vision application. The 3D image plane in a group of target or image during the process of stereo pair calibration is also discussed. The extrinsic parameters of camera calibration can be viewed in 3D image or scene which contains the rotation and translation of vector.(More)
This paper reviews the success of the application of Acoustic Emission (AE) technology in rotating elements which can be adopted as a tool for the maintenance strategy, " Condition Based Maintenance ". Preventive maintenance needs data to be supplied in order to plan the maintenance schedule. On-line condition based monitoring offered by AE technology,(More)
This paper presents an analysis of multiple size region of interest in selected area or segment of disparity mapping in application of stereo vision. The mapping is about to deal with the intensities of pixels which allocate the depths of an image and can be extracted to get the distance values. This region is a reference view of the stereo camera and(More)
This paper presents an analysis of stereo images for an application of stereo vision application. The correspondence process is to determine the difference of intensities of pixel between stereo images while the region of interest ROI works as a reference area to the stereo vision application. This region is a reference view of the stereo camera and stereo(More)