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There is little information about inter- and intra-specific variation in fuelwood properties of trees/shrubs in West Africa. We studied variation in fuelwood properties of Balanites aegyptiaca, Combretum glutinosum, Guiera senegalensis, Piliostigma reticulatum, and Zizyphus mauritiana in the Sahelian and Sudanian ecozones of Mali. Trees were sampled on(More)
In this paper a robust PID control strategy via affine parametrization is designed for an multivariable nonlinear unmanned aerial vehicle. The robustness of the controlled system is assured by using the H ∞ norm of the weighted complementary sensitivity function. Simulation results carried out using a complete nonlinear model are shown, wherein the(More)
From the analysis of low-order GOLF+MDI sectoral modes (ℓ ≤ 3 , 6 ≤ n ≤ 15 , |m| = ℓ) and LOWL data (ℓ > 3) , we derive the radial rotation profile assuming no latitudinal dependance in the solar core. These low-order acoustic modes contain the most statistically significant information about rotation of the deepest solar layers and should be least(More)
The objectives of this study were to evaluate the effect of heat treatment of eucalypt wood (Eucalyptus grandis Hill ex Maiden) on the dynamic modulus of elasticity by using the stress wave nondestructive method and also to determine the air-dry density variation, weight loss and equilibrium moisture content following treatment. Heat treatments were(More)
In the Sahelian and Sudanian ecozones of West Africa, the rainy season lasts only 3–4 months per year, there are steep rainfall gradients with latitude and longitude, the climate is becoming increasingly hotter and drier with more variable rainfall, some fuelwood species are disappearing locally, demand for fuelwood is increasing, and we expect that(More)
  • A. H. GABRIEL, J. CHARRA, +22 authors Danmarks Grundforskningsfond
  • 1998
GOLF in-flight commissioning and calibration was carried out during the first four months, most of which represented the cruise phase of SOHO towards its final L1 orbit. The initial performance of GOLF is shown to be within the design specification, for the entire instrument as well as for the separate subsystems. Malfunctioning of the polarising mechanisms(More)
Most effects of environmental variables on growth, wood stiffness, specific stiffness and density, and correlations between growth and wood stiffness, specific stiffness and density were not consistent among species. Wood stiffness is a key functional trait of woody plants, but variation in wood stiffness has not been studied in native tree and shrub(More)
This paper deals with the problem of guaranteed distributed estimation under an asynchronous communication scheme. The objective is to estimate the state of a perturbed linear plant using a set of agents which communicate using a common network. The agents have access to a limited set of system outputs affected by bounded noises, so collaboration among them(More)