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BACKGROUND Patellofemoral pain syndrome is a prevalent condition in young people. While it is widely believed that abnormal patellar tracking plays a role in the development of patellofemoral pain syndrome, this link has not been established. The purpose of this cross-sectional case-control study was to test the hypothesis that patterns of patellar spin,(More)
We have developed a non-invasive measurement technique which can ultimately be used to quantify three-dimensional patellar kinematics of human subjects for a range of static positions of loaded flexion and assessed its accuracy. Knee models obtained by segmenting and reconstructing one high-resolution scan of the knee were registered to bone outlines(More)
Accuracies of a point-based and an intensity-based fluoroscopic methods of assessing patella tracking were determined by comparing the pattern of patellar motion with respect to orientation (flexion, internal rotation, and lateral tilt) and translation (lateral, proximal, and anterior) with the pattern of patellar motion measured using Roentgen(More)
Gastroesophageal reflux (GER) may be normal, functional, or pathogenic. Normal GER is of short duration and seen in all individuals. Functional GER, or effortless regurgitation, is common during infancy, causing no ill effects. Pathogenic GER causes diseases such as failure-to-thrive, coughing, choking, aspiration, apnea and/or bradycardia, esophagitis with(More)
PURPOSE To determine the repeatability of a novel noninvasive MRI-based technique for measuring patellofemoral kinematics in vivo. MATERIALS AND METHODS The patellar kinematics measurement method relies on registering bone models (with associated coordinate systems) developed from a high resolution MRI scan to loaded bone positions derived from fast, low(More)
Gastrografin (methylglucamine diatrizoate) enemas were carried out in 2 newborn infants with meconium ileus. Evacuation was slow and incomplete. Both patients died within 72 hours following enemas from bowel necrosis, perforation and peritonitis. Although it is not possible to implicate Gastrografin directly as the cause, it is suggested that it may have(More)
Michel's anomaly is an extremely rare cause of congenital sensorineural hearing loss. We present a 2-1/2 year old white female with this inner ear defect associated with type I microtia and microdontia. Assessment of anatomic structures of the ear is critical in an infant with abnormal auditory brainstem responses to determine whether a structural lesion is(More)
Two cases are reported of adult type polycystic renal disease (autosomal dominant) presenting in the newborn as a unilateral abdominal mass. The radiographic findings in the involved kidney simulated the ectatic tubules of infantile polycystic disease, yet histologic examination was consistent with the adult variety and both infants had other family members(More)