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Two experiments investigated the effects of feedback (Experiment 1) and calibration (Experiment 2) on verbal estimation of the duration of tones ranging from 77 to 1183 ms in length. In Experiment 1, accurate feedback was provided after half the trials in the feedback condition, and this was contrasted with a no-feedback condition in which feedback was(More)
Nature has glimpse of th evidently co form factors transfer. On currents wit less, as indi ior of the de this note we shall show that asymptotic properties of electromagnetic form factors and large-angle exclusive and inclusive scattering amplitudes can also be understood in terms of renor-malizable field theories with certain conditions, namely,(More)
There is now considerable interest in metal-on-metal bearings for hip prostheses. Extremely low wear rates (0.1 mm3/10(6) cycles) have been reported in some simulator studies, while in vivo studies, although still very low, have shown wear rates of the order of 1 mm3/10(6) cycles. The aim of this study was to compare wear rates of metal-on-metal bearings in(More)
There are a very large number of processes available to the welding engineer who must decide which is most appropriate for a particular application. The factors taken into consideration include the cost of the weld, its failure rate, base metal, dimensions, shape, location, required standard, weld joint preparation and so on. These complex parameters are(More)
We investigate whether known properties of the η ′ meson are consistent with its being the Goldstone boson of the spontaneously broken anomaly-free R symmetry required in the light gluino scenario. We fit the masses and 2γ decays of the η and η ′ mesons, and also their production in radiative J/ψ decays. We find that the η − η ′ system is well-described in(More)
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