R. A. Durinyan

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Stereotaxic fluid microinjections of horseradish peroxidase into different parts of the rostral and caudal periaqueductal grey (PAG) in cats have provided substantial retrograde evidence that the somatosensory cortex (I and II), frontal cortex, insular and cingular cortex are the principal sources of cortical-PAG projections. The somatosensory cortex II(More)
Experiments were performed on cats under nembutal-chloralose anesthesia treated with muscle relaxants. The animals were fixed in a stereotactic apparatus, and the central ends of the splanchnic, sciatic, lumbar, intercostal nerves and brachial plexus were excited by a single stimulus. Tactile stimuli were applied to the sacrolumbar, thoracic, and abdominal(More)
The authors describe a new model of a universal stereotaxic instrument, intended for the neurophysiological and neuromorphological investigations in the area of the brain and spinal cord of cats, rabbits, and small monkeys. The instrument is supplied with two micromanipulators operating in the system of rectangular and equatorial coordinates. The stand of(More)
The dynamics of the recovery curve of amplitude of the testing response in thalamocortical fibers to paired stimulation of the medial lemniscus (ML) during the action of various procedures on the somatosensory cortex was investigated in acute experiments on cats anesthetized with pentobarbital. The curve served as an indicator of corticofugal influences on(More)
Acute experiments were undertaken on 24 adult cats anesthetized with hexobarbital (40 mg/kg, intraperitoneally) and immobilized with muscle relaxants, and artificially ventilated. The animal was secured in a stereotaxic apparatus and the fixation points (except the ears) were infiltrated with 0.5% procaine solution. The recording electrodes, consisting of(More)
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Unit activity in the region of the r e sp i r a to ry center in the medulla of anesthetized cats was recorded ext racel lu lar ly with glass microe lec t rodes . After in t racel lular injection of an apnea-inducing dose of adrenalin, some insp i ra tory neurons continued to discharge regular volleys of spikes during apnea, increas ing the duration of the(More)
The distribution of cortical projections of the ventrolateral nucleus (n. VL) of the thalamus was investigated in cats anesthetized with chloralose. Projections of the ventromedial part of n. VL were shown to run chiefly into region 4γ of the motor cortex and to be organized in accordance with the somatotopical principle.
1. AN consists of afferent fibers belonging to the A-delta group. 2. Electrical stimulation of AN fibers, with an intensity equivalent to non-noxious stimulation, is sufficient to activate fibers of the dorsal and ventral trigeminal tracts and also neurons of the caudal trigeminal nucleus at a level 3 mm caudally to the obex. 3. Neuronal units of the(More)
A more detailed analysis of these connections has been undertaken recently by morphologists who have examined the preterminal degeneration following extirpation of comparatively small areas of cortex [4, 5]. However, even in these investigations, Considerable contradictions were discovered. In particular, connections were found between individual(More)