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Micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) are finding uses in an increasing number of diverse applications. Currently the fabrication techniques used to produce such MEMS devices are primarily based on 2-D processing of thin films. The challenges faced by producing more complex structures (e.g. high aspect ratio, spans, and multi-material structures) require(More)
Micromachining techniques, in combination with low temperature ceramic composite sol gel processing, have been used to fabricate annular array thickness-mode piezoelectric micro ultrasonic transducers (Tm-pMUT). The processing techniques of low temperature (720degC) composite sol gel ceramic (sol + ceramic powder) deposition and wet etching will be(More)
Direct writing, consisting of the directed deposition of individual droplets of ceramic suspension using ink jet printing can be used to produce piezoelectric structures with feature sizes in excess of 100 µm. This work presents an alternative direct writing technique, consisting of directed individual droplets produced by electrohydrodynamic atomisation(More)
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