R. A. Dimenna

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Speedup, a commercial software package for the dynamic modeling of chemical processes, has been coupled with the PVM software to allow a single process model to be distributed over several computers running in parallel. As an initial application, this coarse distribution technique was applied to a batch chemical plant containing 16 unit operations.(More)
The Department of Energy is sponsoring the River Protection Project, which includes the design of a facility to stabilize liquid radioactive waste that is stored at the Hanford Site. Because of its experience with radioactive waste stabilization, the Savannah River Technology Center of the Westinghouse Savannah River Company is assisting in the development(More)
Flow evolution models were developed to evaluate the performance of the new advanced design mixer pump for sludge mixing and removal operations with high-velocity liquid jets in one of the large-scale Savannah River Site waste tanks, Tank 18. This paper describes the computational model, the flow measurements used to provide validation data in the region(More)
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