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A 37-year-old woman receiving long-term hemodialysis was admitted to the hospital with a fever of unknown origin (6 weeks of unexplained, persistent, low-grade fever). Although she had received vancomycin hydrochloride 5 days before the onset of fever, the drug was not suspected as the cause because of the duration of fever, the administration of vancomycin(More)
We investigate (n + 1)-dimensional string-dilaton cosmology with effective dilaton potential in presence of perfect-fluid matter. We get exact solutions parametrized by the constant γ of the state equation p = (γ − 1)ρ, the spatial dimension number n, the bulk of matter, and the spatial curvature constant k. Several interesting cosmological behaviours are(More)
The preservation of arteriovenous (AV) access site is important to long-term survival of patient's requiring maintenance hemodialysis life-support therapy. Patients with chronic renal failure and uremia who are not suited for immediate application of a subcutaneous AV fistula or arteriovenous graft and who require an initial Teflon-Silastic AV shunt to(More)
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