R. A. Abdumalikov

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Herpes simplex virus (HSV) in one of the most widespread infectious agents in human populations. The frequency of detection of antibodies against HSV in different regions of the world and in different population group varies from 70 to 95% [1]. In the majority of infected persons, HSV is present in latent state; however, its reactivation or primary(More)
We developed a model of herpetic orchitis in guinea pigs. Intratesticular inoculation of type 2 herpes simplex virus suspension results in infection of the testicular spermatocytes and spermatides. The possibility of viral infection dissemination from infected into intact testis is proven.
The comparative study on the antimicrobial activity of metronidazole and its complex with cobalt sulfate showed that the complex formation increased 2-4 times the metronidazole activity against elective anaerobes. The study of the drug action on Trichomonas spp. revealed that as a result of the complexing with cobalt sulfate the metronidazole efficacy(More)
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