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Environmental contamination with compounds containing oxyanions of chlorine, such as perchlorate or chlorate [(per)chlorate] or chlorine dioxide, has been a constantly growing problem over the last 100 years. Although the fact that microbes reduce these compounds has been recognized for more than 50 years, only six organisms which can obtain energy for(More)
As part of a study on the microbiology of chlorate reduction, several new dissimilatory chlorate-reducing bacteria were isolated from a broad diversity of environments. One of these, strain CKB, was selected for a more complete characterization. Strain CKB was enriched and isolated from paper mill waste with acetate as the sole electron donor and chlorate(More)
Previous studies on the ubiquity and diversity of microbial (per)chlorate reduction resulted in the isolation of 20 new strains of dissimilatory (per)chlorate-reducing bacteria. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that all of the isolates were members of the Proteobacteria with representatives in the alpha-, beta- and gamma-subclasses. The majority of the new(More)
The lack of a portable programming interface for parallel computers has inhibited the development of applications for such systems, and thus restricted the exploitation of this technology. In this paper we discuss various efforts to provide a portable interface to parallel computers, and present the Edinburgh CHIMP (Common High-level Interface to(More)
The purpose of this study was to define the incidence of operative and postoperative morbidity associated with the removal of impacted mandibular third molars in patients of various ages. Results of this investigation show that there is a significant increase in surgical morbidity as patients become older. When it has been determined that the mandibular(More)
The normal range of maximal values for oxygen consumption, heart rate, cardiac index, and stroke index during treadmill exercise testing are presented for 98 men and 104 women for ages 20-75 yr. These variables decrease with age in both sexes, but men show a significantly greater reduction than women with respect to oxygen consumption (P = 0.05), heart rate(More)
SUMMARY Blood pressures were recorded simultaneously from the aortic arch and radial artery using two manometric systems with identical static and dynamic sensitivities. Measurements were made in four normal young men at rest and upright exercise requiring 29, 49, 78, and 100% of maximal oxygen uptake. Average radial arterial pressure rose from 133/66 mm Hg(More)
Changes in plasma cortisol concentrations during the first 4 hours after castration of 6-week-old lambs by one of four methods were measured. The methods were application of a rubber ring above the testes, application of a ring to shorten the scrotum below the testes, use of a castration clamp plus a ring, and use of a castration clamp alone. The efficacy(More)