Rüdiger Gad

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Computer networks are elemental for todays Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. Maintaining operational computer networks is an important and challenging task. For this task the information gathered with means of network analysis and surveillance is the very basis. Detailed network analysis and surveillance is one of the key factors for assuring(More)
Cold magnetized plasma possesses an anisotropic permittivity tensor with a unique dispersion relation that for adequate electron density and magnetic field results in anomalous diffraction of a right-hand circularly polarized beam. In this work, we demonstrate experimentally anomalous diffraction of a microwave beam in plasma. Additionally, decreasing the(More)
We report the first demonstration of magnetically induced transmission in an opaque magnetized plasma. Magnetically induced transmission in a plasma is a classical analog to the electromagnetically induced transparency in atomic systems. The transmission of radiation through an axially magnetized plasma is obtained by applying an additional one dimensional(More)
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