R Álvarez Fernández

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In recent years, research on the production of active peptides obtained from milk and their potential functionality has grown, to a great extent. Bioactive peptides have been defined as specific protein fragments that have a positive impact on body functions or conditions, and they may ultimately have an influence on health. Individual proteins of casein or(More)
An analysis of infant mortality in the province of Havana, Cuba, is presented. The data, which concern the 133 infant deaths that occurred in 1983, were collected using questionnaires completed by physicians responsible for local health areas. (SUMMARY IN ENG AND FRE)
The importance of providing contraceptive services for women aged 15-49 in the province of Havana, Cuba, is noted. The role of these services in reducing infant mortality in the province since 1959 is considered. (SUMMARY IN ENG AND FRE)
Questionnaires intended to determine the factors involved in deaths in infants under 1 year have been completed in the province of Havana, Cuba, since 1980. The questionnaires are completed by obstetricians and pediatricians of the municipal health areas and analyzed at the secondary care level. This work examines the factors present in the 133 infant(More)
The program of fertility control developed for the approximately 133,000 women of fertile age living in the Cuban province of Havana between 1979 and 1984 is described. The focus is on the program's impact on infant mortality (SUMMARY IN ENG AND FRE)
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