Rüstü Türkay

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The rst Liver CT annotation challenge was organized during the 2014 Image-CLEF workshop held in She eld, UK. This challenge entailed the annotation of Liver CT scans to generate structured reports. This paper describes the motivations for this task, the training and test datasets, the evaluation methods, and discusses the approaches of the participating(More)
Radiologists inspect CT scans and record their observations in reports to communicate with physicians. These reports may suffer from ambiguous language and inconsistencies resulting from subjective reporting styles, which present challenges in interpretation. Standardization efforts, such as the lexicon RadLex for radiology terms, aim to address this issue(More)
Clinical experience sharing (CES) is a useful concept for both medical treatment and medical education purposes. One way of implementing CES is through the use of content based case retrieval (CBCR), where database of medical cases is browsed for case instances that are similar to the input query case. In this study, we introduce a new project called case(More)
Case Report: This present study reports the case of a fourty nine years old female with a story of paleness, palpitations and fatigue. Complete Blood Count (CBC) has pointed pancytopenia. A bone marrow biopsy was performed and the analysis was revealed metastasis of carcinoma. Patient was diagnosed as bilateral breast carcinoma with bone morrow involvement(More)
BACKGROUND Penile fracture is a surgical emergency defined as rupture of the tunica albuginea. Although most cases can be diagnosed with clinical evaluation, it has been stated in the literature that diagnosis in as many as 15% of cases can be challenging. In uncertain cases, imaging can help determine diagnosis. METHODS Present study included 20 cases(More)
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