Rüdiger W. Brause

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The prevention of credit card fraud is an important application for prediction techniques. One major obstacle for using neural network training techniques is the high necessary diagnostic quality: Since only one financial transaction of a thousand is invalid no prediction success less than 99.9% is acceptable. Due to these credit card transaction(More)
In bioinformatics, biochemical pathways can be mod-eled by many differential equations. It is still an open problem how to fit the huge amount of parameters of the equations to the available data. Here, the approach of systematically learning the parameters is necessary. In this paper, for the small, important example of inflammation modeling a network is(More)
It is well known that artificial neural nets can be used as approximators of any continuous functions to any desired degree and therefore be used e.g. in high-speed, real-time process control. Nevertheless, for a given application and a given network architecture the non-trivial task remains to determine the necessary number of neurons and the necessary(More)
This paper describes the use of a Radial Basis Function (RBF) neural network in the approximation of process parameters for the extrusion of a rubber profile in tyre production. After introducing the rubber industry problem, the RBF network model and the RBF net learning algorithm are developed, which uses a growing number of RBF units to compensate the(More)