Rüdiger Schmidt

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The success of advanced quantum communication relies crucially on non-classical light sources emitting single indistinguishable photons at high flux rates and purity. We report on deterministically fabricated microlenses with single quantum dots inside which fulfil these requirements in a flexible and robust quantum device approach. In our concept we(More)
This paper presents an adaptive control scheme to suppress vibration of flexible beams using a collocated piezoelectric actuator-sensor configuration. A governing equation of the beams is modelled by a partial differential equation based on Euler-Bernoulli theory. Thus, the beams are infinite-dimensional systems. Whereas conventional control design(More)
Reducing vibration in flexible structures has become a pivotal engineering problem and shifted the focus of many research endeavors. One technique to achieve this target is to implement an active control system. A conventional active control system is composed of a vibrating structure, a sensor to perceive the vibration, an actuator to counteract the(More)
Magnetostrictive materials can be used as actuators in smart structures technology. The relation between induced strain and the applied magnetic field is nonlinear and shows hysteretic behaviour. Thus the magnetomechanical coupling coefficient is not constant and should be defined as a function of strain or magnetic field in computations. In this study the(More)