Rüdiger Rosenkranz

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The effects of chronic dietary sodium chloride (NaCl) consumption on renal function and brain dopamine receptors were studied in adult, male normotensive rats. Compared to rats maintained on the normal NaCl (0.33%) diet, animals maintained on the low NaCl (0%) diet for 4 weeks exhibited significant increases in plasma aldosterone, chloride and changes in(More)
Once considered only mediators of inflammation, autacoids, (histamine, prostaglandins and beta-mimetic catecholamines) have been found to be generated during specific early and late phases of immunity. They need sufficient concentrations to affect immunocytes and can modulate immunity usually by inhibiting it. Receptors for the autacoids on the immunocytes(More)
The expression of renin and angiotensinogen genes and their proteins were studied during the progression of diabetes using adult BioBreeding spontaneously diabetic rats at 1 day and 2-12 months of diabetes. The number of renin-stained cells per juxtaglomerular apparatus was determined by immunocytochemistry. Initially, at 2 months of diabetes the number of(More)
Conjugates of low molecular weight amines with inert peptide carriers can be made to preserve some pharmacologic effects of the ligand. No previous studies of conjugates have systematically derivatized the ligand to optimize its activity or affinity to receptors; or have pharmacophores been selected for conjugation on the basis of their effects making them(More)
In this study, 10 congeners of isoproterenol were systematically synthesized and pharmacologically tested in both in vitro and in vivo systems. The aim was to produce compounds that were more potent and had effects different from those of the parent compound and that could ultimately be attached covalently to inert peptide carriers offering versatility in(More)
1. Compared to rats maintained on the normal NaCl (0.33%) diet, animals maintained on the low NaCl (0%) diet for 4 weeks exhibited increased plasma aldosterone and chloride and decreased urinary sodium excretion. 2. Rats maintained on the high NaCl (8%) diet for 4 weeks showed increased systolic blood pressure, water intake, urine volume, sodium and(More)
A new series of catecholamines has been prepared in which the N-alkyl substituent of dl-epinephrine or dl-isoproterenol has been extended by a methylene chain terminated by a hydroxyl group or derived functionality (e.g., carbamate or ester). These functionalized catecholamines (congeners) and model compounds were prepared with the goal of eventual(More)
Intracerebroventricular administration of prostaglandins E1 or E2 was shown to block, while PGF2alpha increased the incidence of tonic convulsion due to electroshock in mice. The Prostaglandins were administered intracerebroventicularly (i.c.v.) to conscious mice by a modification of Haley and McCormick's method (1) prior to a transcorneal maximal(More)