Rüdiger Pukall

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A heterotrophic, antibiotic-producing bacterium, strain T5(T), was isolated from the German Wadden Sea, located in the southern region of the North Sea. Sequence analysis of the 16S rRNA gene of this(More)
A slightly pink-coloured strain, strain DFL-11(T), was isolated from single cells of the marine dinoflagellate Alexandrium lusitanicum and was found to contain the genes encoding two proteins of the(More)
A polyphasic taxonomic study was performed on the type strain of Bacillus thermosphaericus DSM 10633T and three related soil isolates. On the basis of phenotypic characteristics, chemotaxonomic(More)
The whole-genome-sequenced rhizobacterium Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42(T) (Chen et al., 2007) and other plant-associated strains of the genus Bacillus described as belonging to the species(More)