Rüdiger Otto

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Islands are paradigms of the pervasive spread of alien plants, but little work has been done assessing pattern and cause of the distribution of such plants in relation to roads on oceanic islands. We studied richness, composition, and distribution of alien plants and compared them with native species along roads on Tenerife (Canary Islands). We studied a(More)
Island Ecology and Biogeography Research Group. Instituto Universitario de Enfermedades Tropicales y Salud Pública de Canarias (IUETSPC), Universidad de La Laguna, Tenerife, Canary Islands 38206, Spain, Conservation Biogeography and Macroecology Group, School of Geography and the Environment, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QY, UK, Computation GeoEcology(More)
• Canarian Juniper woodlands, now very scarce, are rich in endemic and endangered plants. However, many aspects of juniper regeneration are almost unknown. • This paper relates occurrence and abundance of recruits of Juniperus turbinata ssp. canariensis to (1) small-scale soil characteristics; (2) vegetation cover; and (3) distance to conspecific adults in(More)
Different spatial interpolation techniques have been applied to construct objective bioclimatic maps of La Palma, Canary Islands. Interpolation of climatic data on this topographically complex island with strong elevation and climatic gradients represents a challenge. Furthermore, meteorological stations are not evenly distributed over the island, with few(More)
The Canarian pine (Pinus canariensis) exhibits a striking combination of high adult resistance to fire and intermediate serotiny. Hence, the study of its post-fire regeneration can support valuable new insights about functional adaptations to fire. Here, we analyse the first-year seedling establishment after fire in a P. canariensis forest on the northern(More)
The long-term effect of forest fires in the regeneration of Pinus canariensis was studied. Forest fires had little long-term effects on seed production, seedling germination and seedling mortality. The characteristics of different forest stands across the island had influence in some of the regeneration parameters studied. Despite the importance of forest(More)
Xeroradiography proved extremely helpful in (a) evaluation of soft-tissue masses of both the axial and appendicular skeleton; (b) quantifying soft-tissue changes in advanced rheumatoid arthritis; (c) evaluation of bony involvement by an adjacent soft-tissue tumor or infection; (d) evaluation of rib lesions or rib integrity; and (e) assessment of bones in(More)
Epinephrine-induced mobilization of noncirculating granulocytes and thrombocytes was evaluated in 13 subjects with marked variation in spleen size and correlated with the sonographically recorded contraction of the spleen. The effects of epinephrine on blood granulocyte and thrombocyte counts correlated highly with splenic contraction but not with spleen(More)
PURPOSE Retrospective analysis of the results of all ultrasound (US)-guided fine needle aspirations (FNA) of the breast performed at our institution between 1988-2002. MATERIALS AND METHODS The radiologic and pathologic information database was retrospectively searched for all referrals, in whom an US-guided FNA of the breast was performed as further(More)