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Physical activity and aerobic exercise in particular, promotes health and effective cognitive functioning. To elucidate mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of physical fitness and acute exercise, behavioral and electrophysiological indices of task preparation and response inhibition as a part of executive functions were assessed in a modified(More)
FIM ® Bibliography The FIM ® instrument was intended to measure a patient's disability in terms of the need for assistance. Facilities across the world use the FIM ® instrument to document patient functionality throughout medical rehabilitation, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have adopted it for the Inpatient Rehabilitation(More)
The MMPI profiles of 359 correctional officer applicant were cluster analyzed, which resulted in the identification of five relatively homogeneous subgroups. While MMPI performance was not related to later events in the correctional careers of the Ss, certain similarities were noted between the officer group and two samples of inmates previously studied in(More)
Proceeding from Alexander Mitscherlich's socio-psychological diagnosis of the fatherless society (1963), the author goes back from there to Freud's "Totem and Taboo" (1912/13) and its treatment of the myth of the origins of culture. Heim reflects on the recurrent failure of culture, its constant relapse into murder and barbarism and sees this in connection(More)
UNLABELLED Perfusion scintigrams with Technetium-labeled microspheres were performed in 60 patients undergoing selective coronary angiography. The scintigrams were analyzed semiquantitatively with the aid of a computer. In addition, angiograms were quantitated with regard to proximal obstructions as well as regional wall changes of the left ventricle (VCF).(More)