Rüdiger Breitschwerdt

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Due to increasing complexity of machines and plants, information tailored to the needs of Technical Customer Services (TCS) is a prerequisite for the execution of efficient service processes. This paper describes the conception of a supporting architecture incorporating an integration platform to meet the TCS’ demand for information. On the one hand, the(More)
Home care services increasingly gain importance due to demographic implications: insights on recent developments in Germany hereby relevant to industrialized countries like the USA are given. Portable application systems have only been established sporadically in German care environments unlike the comparable domain of technical field service. This paper(More)
A growing number of rescue operations as well as people in need of care cause an increase in ambulant healthcare services. At the same time, the dedicated service providers have to cope with budgets and a decreasing number of qualified personnel. Nevertheless, a high quality of treatment is mandatory. This means a need for improvement enabling the service(More)
After primarily successful drug-dependency rehabilitation, relapses occur frequently. There is a tremendous lack of drug-specific outpatient psychotherapy and self-help groups especially in rural areas. Therefore, new approaches must be integrated to reduce relapse rates after inpatient addiction treatment, especially in case of drug dependence. The present(More)
Mobile Informationssysteme werden schon lange in unterschiedlichen Bereichen eingesetzt. Sie bieten eine nahezu überall und jederzeit zugängliche Informationsquelle und können, wenn im richtigen Kontext eingesetzt, Prozesse sinnvoll unterstützen. Auch im Bereich der Notfallmedizin halten mobile ITSysteme zunehmend Einzug. Dieser Beitrag bietet einen(More)
PURPOSE Harnessing the advantage of mobile information technology (IT) solutions at the point of care and contributing to patients' safety by involving them. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH International collaboration between specialists in health communication processes and information management and systems. METHODS USED Case studies, design science. (More)
In this paper, we develop an integrated approach for teaching professionals IT management and IT consulting (ITMC). With the help of a design science research methodology, we aim to facilitate and improve the collaboration between research and practice. After a comprehensive literature study we conduct interviews in order to identify problems and(More)
Mobile Informationssysteme spielen in zunehmendem Maße auch im Gesundheitswesen eine Rolle. Ambulante Dienstleistungen wie beispielsweise der Pflegeoder Rettungsdienst sind oftmals mit Situationen konfrontiert, bei denen Informationen von außerhalb notwendig sind oder auch routinemäßige administrative Aufgaben zu erledigen sind. In diesem Beitrag wird(More)
Modeling tools are one of the major success factors for business process management endeavors. They not only ultimately provide the modeling language to be used but also define the way of interaction when creating and using those models. Thereby, already the selection of the right modeling tool is a decisive factor for success or failure of any modeling(More)