Rüdiger Adam

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OBJECTIVES : There are many differences in diet and lifestyle across Europe that may influence the development of the infant gut microbiota. This work aimed to assess the impact of geographic area, mode of delivery, feeding method, and antibiotic treatment on the fecal microbiota of infants from 5 European countries with different lifestyle characteristics:(More)
Although it is well established that early infant feeding has a major influence on the establishment of the gut microbiota, very little is understood about how the introduction of first solid food influences the colonization process. This study aimed to determine the impact of weaning on the faecal microbiota composition of infants from five European(More)
Constipation and fecal impaction are frequent and distressing complaints in pediatric gastroenterology. Especially in neurologically handicapped children, treatment of severe forms of slow-transit constipation (STC) can be difficult. In the majority of cases, STC is of unknown etiology. However, in recent years, there is growing evidence that interstitial(More)
Lymphotropic herpesviruses such as human herpesvirus type 6 (HHV-6) have enhanced pathogenicity in some immunocompromised hosts, such as transplant recipients and HIV-infected patients. The clinical relevance of HHV-6 infections in cancer patients undergoing conventional cytotoxic therapy is undetermined, however. Here we report on a 10-month-old boy with(More)
s of the 15th Annual Meeting of the Israel Society for Neuroscience Eilat, Israel, December 3–5, 2006 Received 10 October 2006; Accepted 10 October 2006 The Israel Society for Neuroscience (ISFN) was founded in 1993 by a group of Israeli leading scientists conducting research in the area of neurobiology. The primary goal of the society was to promote and(More)
Borderline Tumoren sind eine morphologisch definierte Gruppe von epithelialen Eierstockstumoren, die aufgrund ihres eigenständigen biologischen Verhaltens von den echten invasiven epithelialen Ovarialkarzinomen abzugrenzen sind. Zum Zeitpunkt der Therapie liegen meist die früheren Tumorstadien I und II vor, so daß die Behandlungsergebnisse sehr gut sind.(More)
AIM To evaluate the safety and efficacy of Vitamin E in children with chronic hepatitis B. METHODS We randomly assigned patients with chronic hepatitis B, positive for hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg), to receive either Vitamin E or placebo once daily for 6 mo in a 3:1 ratio and double-blind manner. The primary end point was HBeAg seroconversion, defined as(More)
Die Drillbiopsie ist eine technisch einfache Methode, um Karzinome und Rezidive histologisch zu sichern, Material für die Rezeptoranalyse zu gewinnen. Sie liefert ausreichend Material zur Schnellschnittdiagnostik. Erspart Operationszeit. Bietet die Möglichkeit, zusammen mit der Patientin am Tag vor der Operation definitiv die operative Therapie festzulegen.(More)
erkennen. Die Darstellbarkeit des Malignoms in den verschiedenen Mamographieebenen zeigt, dab 87,6% der Karzinome in allen 3 Ebenen nachgewiesen werden k6nnen. Die Anzahl der Malignome, die nur in zwei Strahlengangen nachgewiesen werden, ist etwa gleich und schwankt zwischen 1,4 und 2,8%. Bei den Fallen, die sich nur in einer Aufnahme darstellen liegen,(More)
Hepatic resection is currently the only form of treatment that offers a chance of long-term survival, with rates ranging from 25 % to 39 %. However, a curative operation can be performed in only 10 % of patients with colorectal metastases to the liver. Our policy is to increase the number of patients that can benefit from liver resection. Liver metastases(More)