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In the catchment area of the Lake Patzcuaro in Central Mexico (933 km2) the apportionments of erosion, sediment, nutrients and pathogen coming from thirteen micro basins were estimated with the purpose of identifying critical areas in which best management practices need to be implemented in order to reduce their contribution to the lake pollution and(More)
This paper is devoted to the study of the symmetric cone linear complemen-tarity problem (SCLCP). In this context, our aim is to characterize the class Q b in terms of larger classes, such as Q and R0. For this, we introduce the class F and García's transformations. We studied them for concrete particular instances (such as second-order and semidefinite(More)
We present simulation results for the one-dimensional random deposition of two annihilating species A and B, falling with probabilities p and q (p+q=1), which then react to produce an inert product, i.e., A+B-->0. Two different annihilation rules are defined: top annihilation and nearest-neighbor annihilation (NNA), leading to distinct scaling behaviors. In(More)
A molecular model is proposed to study the enantioselective adsorption of chiral species on metallic surfaces modified through the preadsorption of another chiral species, known as template surfaces. It is found that anisotropic and exclusive interactions among adsorbed species are essential factors in the enantioselective process. It is shown how the(More)
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