Róza Ádány

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We performed a second-generation genome-wide association study of 4,533 individuals with celiac disease (cases) and 10,750 control subjects. We genotyped 113 selected SNPs with P(GWAS) < 10(-4) and 18 SNPs from 14 known loci in a further 4,918 cases and 5,684 controls. Variants from 13 new regions reached genome-wide significance (P(combined) < 5 x 10(-8));(More)
BACKGROUND Association of the interleukin-23 receptor (IL23R) with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) has been confirmed in several populations. IL23R also associates with psoriasis, suggesting that the gene may be an important candidate for many chronic inflammatory diseases. METHODS We studied association of single-nucleotide variants in IL23R with IBD in(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the extensive research approaches applied to characterise malignant melanoma, no specific molecular markers are available that are clearly related to the progression of this disease. In this study, our aims were to define a gene expression signature associated with the clinical outcome of melanoma patients and to provide an integrative(More)
It was shown that osteopontin (OPN), a glycophosphoprotein, plays divergent roles in cancer progression. In addition to multiple intra- and extracellular functions, it facilitates migration of tumour cells, has crucial role in cell adhesion and is associated with increased metastasis formation. In previous studies, we performed global gene expression(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of overweight and obesity in Europe is high. It is a major cause of the overall rates of many of the main chronic (or non communicable) diseases in this region and is characterized by an unequal socio-economic distribution within the population. Obesity is largely determined by modifiable lifestyle behaviours such as low physical(More)
The aim of this study was to analyze the combined effect of the most frequent alcohol dehydrogenase polymorphisms (Arg48His and Arg370Cys in ADH1B, Arg272Gln and Ile350Val in ADH1C) on the alcohol use habits, alcohol dependence and chronic liver diseases in Hungary. The study included men, aged 45-64 years. Altogether, 241 cases with chronic liver disease(More)
INTRODUCTION Mental disorders constitute an increasingly important public health problem in the general population. Therefore, investigation of the determinants and state of mental health of those who will be treating patients, that is, future medical doctors, is justified. The paper gives an account of a mental health survey of medical students at a(More)
BACKGROUND Several models have been proposed to explain the association between ethnicity and health. It was investigated whether the association between Roma ethnicity and health is fully mediated by socioeconomic status in Hungary. METHODS Comparative health interview surveys were performed in 2003-04 on representative samples of the Hungarian(More)
It is well demonstrated that CCND1 amplification is a frequent event in the acral subtype of cutaneous malignant melanoma; however, its role in the other subtypes of the disease is still controversial. The objectives of this study were to evaluate genetic and expression alterations of CCND1 with a focus on primary cutaneous melanomas, to define BRAF and(More)