Róger Torres

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of microelectrode recording, electrical stimulation, and electrode position checking during functional neurosurgical procedures (DBS, lesion) in the interventional magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) environment. METHODS Seventy-six surgical procedures for DBS implant or radiofrequency(More)
We performed 118 consecutive DBS cases from November 1999 to June 2002. Intraoperatively there were 10 cases studied with fluoroscopy, 73 with 0.2 Tesla (T) MRI and 35 with 1.5 T MRI. Ten electrodes were secured by Medtronic caps, 25 by methyl methacrylate with titanium miniplates, and 82 by Navigus caps. The 3-dimensional displacement between the planned(More)
Two virus isolates, T1 and T2, causing necrotic spots on leaves and stems of pepper and tomato, respectively, were isolated in the La Joya valley, Arequipa, Peru, in 2010. These two isolates were inoculated to differential hosts for tospoviruses and showed differential fitness: T1 induced necrotic local lesions in Vigna unguiculata, whereas T2 produced only(More)
CIALs (Committees For Local Agricultural Research) are community level organisations for helping agricultural scientists and farmers to collaborate on adaptive research. Although CIALs have been used mainly for testing new crops and varieties, an unorthodox project in Peru and Bolivia recently used CIALs with a range of research techniques: formal trials,(More)
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