Róbert Paczona

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The diagnosis of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma is usually made by visual identification. Searching for a non-invasive optical diagnostic method with the ability to detect the precancerous lesions or second primary tumors earlier in high-risk populations led to the development of photodiagnosis by autofluorescence (AF) endoscopy. The aim of the(More)
Leiomyosarcoma of the larynx is an extremely rare malignancy. Until now, only 35 cases have been reported, and only 19 were reported in English. We present 2 new cases observed in the last 3 years at our department. Correct histologic diagnosis can only be made on immunohistochemical and electron microscopic grounds. A 65-year-old man previously treated for(More)
Although many reports can be found in the literature about temporal bone holders for postgraduate temporal bone surgery courses, the author did not find any kind of suitable description of a larynx holder for laryngomicrosurgery courses. A cadaver larynx holder is presented, made by the author himself for individual and postgraduate teaching courses. This(More)
The authors summarise their reconstructive surgical experience after the radical excision of hypopharyngeal tumours. In selective cases the preservation of the larynx is a reliable surgical option and supraglottic surgery is sufficient to remove the tumour. Myocutaneous paddle flaps were used in every case after the surgical resection for the reconstruction(More)
The present prospective study was designed to analyze the results achieved with intracordal autologous fat injection for aspiration in a series of 20 patients with recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis. Swallowing was documented by having each patient swallow puréed food colored with methylene blue during nasofibroscopy. No laryngeal adverse effects were(More)
BACKGROUND Giant fibrovascular polyps (FVP) are relatively rare benign neoplasm of the upper esophagus and hypopharynx. Without previous history, their diagnosis might be difficult as the endoscopic findings are sometimes misinterpretedMaterials and methods: The present report describes a case, in which the patient regurgitated his giant polypoid mass into(More)
Two cases with unusual pharyngeal localizations of branchial cysts medial to the great neck vessels and pharyngeal constrictor muscle are presented. The authors reviewed the theories of origin of the branchial cysts and the surgical treatment options. In their first case the transoral approach was chosen. Because of previous unsuccessful attempts at(More)
A previous preclinical study revealed that the maximum additive effect between chemotherapy (CT) and irradiation (RT) occurred at a low level of CT. Therapy was therefore designed with an oral drug daily given in combination with RT in order to determine the efficacy and toxicity. Locoregionally advanced head and neck tumor patients were treated with(More)