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The present study examined the effects of a footshock reminder in restoring memory after discrete electrical brain stimulation. Rats received low-level bilateral electrical stimulation of either the amygdala or the hippocampus after training in a one-trial passive avoidance task. Rats receiving stimulation showed amnesia when tested 24 hr after training.(More)
The control and prevention of biofilm-related infections is an important public healthcare issue. Given the increasing antibiotic resistance among bacteria and fungi that cause serious infections in humans, promotion of new strategies combating microorganisms has been essential. One attractive approach to inactivate microorganisms is the use of(More)
Controversies surround the practice of prescribing potassium for ambulatory hypertensive patients who are being treated with diuretics. A chart review was conducted in a family medicine group practice to examine habits of potassium monitoring and supplement prescribing for patients receiving diuretic therapy for control of hypertension. Eighty-four percent(More)
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