Róbert Kurdi

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Modified montmorillonite was prepared at different surfactant (HDTMA) loadings through ion exchange. The conformational arrangement of the loaded surfactants within the interlayer space of MMT was obtained by computational modelling. The conformational change of surfactant molecules enhance the visual understanding of the results obtained from(More)
Montmorillonite (MMT) was converted to organoclays by intercalation of cationic surfactants into its interlayer space. Two types of organoclays were prepared from different surfactants (DDTMA and DDDMA) at different surfactant loadings, and the structural changes in the clays investigated using various techniques. The arrangements of surfactant molecules in(More)
Kaolinite as a remarkable industrial raw material has notable structural features despite its simple chemical composition (Al2O3·2SiO2·2H2O). We report here a systematic development of a coordination chemical model for the [6Al-6(OH)] honeycomb-like unit of kaolinite's octahedral sheet, which was proposed to be the adsorption site for small molecules from(More)
Isotopic chirality influences sensitively the enantiomeric outcome of the Soai asymmetric autocatalysis. Therefore magnitude and eventual effects of isotopic chirality caused by natural abundance isotopic substitution (H, C, O, Zn) in the reagents of the Soai reaction were analyzed by combinatorics and probability calculations. Expectable enantiomeric(More)
Here, we report a study on the complexation behavior of carotenoids with cyclodextrins (CDs) using solubility experiments and molecular-modelling methods. Carotenoids are an important group of naturally occurring dyes found in vegetables and fruits. Their antioxidant property has initiated investigations on their possible use as drugs. However, carotenoids(More)
Solutions of very low concentrations cannot be treated by the usual concept of concentration. Stochastic calculations are performed for the analysis of such solutions containing one or a few molecule(s). It is concluded that these systems escape the usual concentration parameters. Two "case histories" are also shown for demonstration of the practical(More)
In this paper, the anaerobic treatment of a high organic-strength wastewater-type feedstock, referred as the liquid fraction of pressed municipal solid waste (LPW) was studied for energy recovery and organic matter removal. The processes investigated were (i) dark fermentation to produce biohydrogen, (ii) anaerobic digestion for biogas formation and (iii)(More)
Autosolvation is an important factor in stabilizing the architecture of medium complicated molecules. It is a kind of “supramolecular force” acting in intramolecular manner, consisting of orbital-orbital interactions between polar groups, separated by more than one covalent bonds within the same molecule. This effect facilitates also the development of(More)
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