Róbert Kitlei

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This paper focuses on restructuring software written in Erlang. In large software projects, it is a common problem that internal structural complexity can grow to an extent where maintenance becomes impossible. This situation can be avoided by careful design, building loosely coupled components with strictly defined interfaces. However, when these design(More)
P4 is a high level language for programming network switches that allows for great flexibility in the description of packet structure and processing, independent of the specifics of the underlying hardware. In this demo, we present our prototype P4 compiler in which the hardware independent and hardware specific functionalities are separated. We have(More)
This paper describes preprocessor and whitespace-aware tools for parsing and transforming Erlang source code. The presented tools are part of RefactorErl, a refactoring tool for Erlang programs. RefactorErl represents programs as a ”semantic graph” that extends the AST with semantic nodes and edges for efficient information retrieval. The paper focuses on(More)
The increasing demand in automatic code transformation tools – which can preserve the layout, and can handle the whole macro syntax – led us to develop our scanner and parser tool. ParsErl is a generic syntactic analyser for Erlang. The scanner and the parser are generated from an XML definition of the grammar. The result of the scanning process is a graph,(More)
Program analysis and transformation tools work on source code, which - as in the case of Erlang - may contain macros and other preprocessor directives. Such preprocessor constructs have to be treated in an utterly different way than lexical and syntactical constructs. This paper presents an approach to treat preprocessor constructs in a non-invasive way(More)
Simulating design models makes early verification of the software’s business logic possible. Model simulators can be implemented using an interpreter, but it provides limited runtime performance. This is only acceptable if the only use case of the tool is interactive model execution and debugging. If the model executor tool is to be used for automated(More)
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