Rémy-Robert Joseph

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One approach to Human Centered Processing is to take into account preferences of users within the context of multiple criteria optimization. The preference model of a problem encloses all the information needed to evaluate the quality of solutions. In this article, we propose a new soft constraint called preference constraint, based on the decision theory(More)
We introduce a new type of fully computable problems, for DSS dedicated to maximal spanning tree problems, based on deduction and choice: preferential consistency problems. To show its interest, we describe a new compact representation of preferences specific to spanning trees, identifying an efficient maximal spanning tree sub-problem. Next, we compare(More)
This article presents an axiomatic analysis of the best choice decision problem from a reflexive crisp binary relation on a finite set (a digraph). With respect to a transitive digraph, optimality and maximality are usually accepted as the best fitted choice axioms to the intuitive notion of best choice. However, beyond transitivity (resp. acyclicity),(More)
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